Pooh Bear learns to swim.

On the way home from swimming the other day, I was pondering the afternoon’s craft activity for the toddler. Insipration hit as I listened to the excited babble coming from the backseat about how well the small one had swum by himself (with the aid of floaties and the teacher hovering nearby). It was time for Pooh Bear to learn too!


I was a bit concerned that bears, particularly those of Pooh Bear’s shape & size, may not be particularly aqua-dynamic (is that a word? If aerodynamic relates to movement through air, then surely the water equivalent is aquadynamic?), so it was time to make Pooh Bear some floaties.


Armed with some felt, thread & wadding, we started stitching & stuffing. Mid-project, the overseer decided Pooh wanted back floaties, not arm floaties, so with a bit of cut-and-twist, the lowly pleb doing all the stitching managed to create a back-pack floatie thingy!


Now we can all relax when Pooh Bear is around water – he can float!

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      Too cute! DH took James to the Boat Show in July, and came back with a boats safety stubby holder designed to look like a life-jacket (bright yellow, and cloing with one of those clip things). Two snips later, and it became a life jacket for Bec, his favourite toy. A phonecall to Nanny (who organises the Boat Show) and another was on its way for Ra; the other favourite toy – both animals were conveniently the right size. Unfortunately the black binding they had used rubbed-off, and both Bec and Ra have the marks remaining despite several washes!

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      Oh dear! Poor Ra & Bec!

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      How cool is that. I’m glad that Pooh is now “floaty”!

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