Last Christmas, both boys were given a Makedo set – little joiners and hinges to create “stuff” out of boxes. Boy2’s box showed a robot, and it has henceforth been known as “robot craft”. So late last week, the boy comes running up, “mummy, mummy, we does wobot cwaft?”, and so we hit up the recycling pile, one of our favourite craft supply sources. But it was sadly lacking in boxs, so instead we used a cling wrap tube, part of an egg carton, a tissue box, a yoghurt pot and lots and lots of packing tape, and the boy was chuffed.


Until it wouldn’t stand up. *THAT* wasn’t in the design brief!!! But he soon got over that, and Mr Robot is still living in his wardrobe and comes out to play occassionally.


Today has been cold and miserable, and with Bear home all day thanks to a teachers strike, I’d had high hopes of a delightful day enjoying my small people. Until I saw the state of the toy room, so after a lovely morning or crafting and playing postie and reading, we teamed up and tackled the lego. Ugh. I managed to whip up a little softie last night/this morning, but I can’t blog him until he reaches his new home. Tonight is craft group and I’m still undecided what to do. First port of call would likely be clearing my crap off the dining table where we’ll be. But that’d mean I need to clear the crap off my desk which is why I’m on the dining table in the first place. I’m thinking possibly some painting tonight? For something different. Hmmm. 5 hours to decide. Two days until school holidays and I can’t wait, I’m already making a list of stuff to do – all fun! But first, a busy two days so I can make the two weeks count. Bring on the nice weather and productive days.

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