Master Four taps me on the leg as I stand doing the washing up. “Can we do some craft, please mummy?” he asks. I know exactly the box for the job, and send him off to dig through the recycling box (our favourite source of craft supplies – reduce, reuse, recycle!), and I am just drying my hands as he presents me with his finds, face beaming with pride. We settle ourselves in the loungeroom, a few bits I’ve collected and the boxes in front of us. Some sticky tape here, a piece of paper there, and we had ourselves some boats!


And of course, what is a boat without an ocean to sail on? So off we trundled to the large crate of fabric that lives under my desk, and the perfect piece of blue fabric procured, we made ourselves an ocean, and passed a very peaceful half hour or so playing boats and singing boat-ish type of songs. Well, peaceful, that is, until Cyclone Bubba Boy decided we needed some waves!



The boat making rounded out the awesome-sauce that was yesterday morning. More stories than I can count, biscuits baked, songs sung,  boogeys danced, colouring in and drawing. All round wonderfulness. And today is brimming with the same brand of awesome-sauce. We’ve played in sandpits. We’ve danced. We’ve sung. We’ve played with little baby girls who fill our hearts with joy. We’ve seen some dolls clothes, and watched the walls go up on our new house. With all three children asleep, I’m parking myself in front of the sewing machine, and getting busy. So much creative mojo filling my world at the moment, and too few hours to run with it. But they sleep. And I’m running.


Happy Thursday everyone!

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