shake and shake and shake and stop

School holidays are upon us. Lots of singing and dancing and playing and crafting. The recycling bin is no longer a safe haven for tired old bottles. Raiding the fridge for a “cow cheese” left us empty handed save for a sad looking box. I tapped out a little tune on it, showing the small people it was empty…and inspiration struck. Out came the scissors and the packing tape and the rice. A couple of bottles butchered, and soon we had our very own marching band.


It’s been a delightful long weekend of relaxing and family and crafting. I’ve got all my swoon blocks cut out. Bear joined me in the studio today and learnt to sew, making a little dolls quilt for his Pooh Bear, which I’ll be sure to blog soon. Tomorrow is all about making the most of having all my special people at home, I might even try and slip into the studio for a couple of solid hours work. I’m hoping to knock another block on the head. Cast on a cowl scarf. Prep for a spot of painting. A couple of Dear Jane blocks are feeling quit neglected, so hopefully I can get them basted to potter along with over the holidays. Finish off some late pruning in the garden, and pull up some weeds and prep some beds to rest over winter before the spring colour. And in between all that, there are tea parties and train tracks and songs and books and horsies to ride. School holidays, my favourite time of year. Four days down, twelve to go. Bring it on!

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