Snap snap snappy…

Also known as “The Revenge of the Krispy Kremes”.


The boy was doing his best to create a carpet with the contents of the recycling bin. The final thing he pulled out (after being told several times to leave the recycling where it was, for goodness sake!) was an empty Krispy Kremes box (which appeared to be the latest victim of the sweet-tooth monster. I swear, by the time I find the bugger who keeps eating all my yummy treats, it’ll be too big to be easily removed from the house!). Open, shut, open, shut, open… Light bulb! After putting everything bar the KK box & a couple of other bits & pieces back into the recycling box, off we toddled to the loungeroom for some craft, and created a “cwoh-o-diwl”



The only issue now is how to convince a small boy that we don’t let our “cwoh-o-diwl” try to eat the baby? I must say, I never imagined my vocabulary would include the phrase “no, we don’t eat our little brother with the crocodile”!!


Happy Thursday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Snap snap snappy…

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      Too busy drooling over the thought of Krispy Kremes to actually manage to work out what on earth this was supposed to be…
      I only had to repeat “cwoh-o-diwl” about 4 times before it sunk in ~ great work once again!

      Back to dreaming of KK’s

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      Oh, they were gooooood! DH came home & saw the box in the recycling – “you’ve them all, already?” “Dude, there was only 6 there!”

      On the upside, they’ll end up on my hips, not yours!

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