Sock it to me…

The sky was a deep grey, filled with the promise of a cosy inside day, warm drinks, crafty projects & snuggles on the lounge. With the requisite housework dealt with, the baby asleep, and the morning’s coffee disposed of, the toddler and I settled ourselves in the studio, and got messy with socks, buttons & glue.





These little monsters live on buttons, apparently. My poor old button collection has spent many hours strewn over the studio floor, awaiting their fate as puppet fodder.


With socks puppets, books, autumn leaves & meeting with friends, today has been fantastic. After an action packed morning, both boys are slumbering peacefully in their beds, and I have an itch I need to scratch. To paint, to sew, to get messy & creative & DO SOMETHING. Maybe starting with a coffee as I bask in the glory of silence. Music, drawing, painting. I need to do some photo “stuff”. A chapter or two of my book. Relaxing, unwinding, being. I see a long weekend heading this way, and I’m in holiday mode already… let’s do this!

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