Winter is slowly rolling in. The mornings are cooler, the mornings darker, the afternoons shorter. And lately it feels like summer has taken with it my mojo and energy. I was feeling particularly flat this morning, but with the sun putting up a gallant fight, I decided it was time to fight back. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, I started tearing off sheets of paper towel. Some food dye mixed with water. A bag of cotton balls. And we were set. Messy as all get out, but just as much fun đŸ˜‰ – we had a little friend visiting as well, so didn’t get through our whole stack of paper. I’m thinking we’ll have another go when Butterfly wakes.


As well as paper painting, we’ve chased bubbles, swung swings, bounced on trampolines, and picnicked in the sun. The sun is warming me right through and I feel the mojo starting to return. Three new fabric designs completed this morning, just awaiting final colour choices. A painting is sketched and ready to start. There’s a bracelet to photograph ready for the blog. I’m hoping to find time to surprise little boy with a small drawing when he gets home from school, based on a somewhat psychedelic imaginary creature he described to me. Please stick around sun, you make life so much nicer. Happy Wednesday all!


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