tap-tap-tap… the connected generation.

When pregnant with both the boys, I craved sweet things. It was nothing unusual for me to burn through a packet of smarties in a day. Yes. The family sized one. Seriously. I’m talking major addiction. This time, though, the thought of chocolate has made me want to run to the nearest bucket. My cravings have been much more towards the savoury end of the scale. I went through a brief party-pie phase, where lunch everyday would be 6 party pies, cooked two at a time to be piping-burn-the-roof-of-my-mouth hot. After two or three weeks, the party-pies gave way to bacon and eggs. Big time. Two eggs, two short-cut rashers of bacon (sans fat), and two golden pieces of toast every morning. In two serves, so it was nice and hot. Often some for lunch as well. And bacon and eggs for afternoon tea wasn’t an uncommon occurance.

Which means we are up to our ears in egg cartons. Some have been sent to my parents’, hopefully to return full of yummy farm-fresh eggs. Some have made it to the recycling bin.

And some have been turned into computer keyboards for little boys…

It’s been a lovely homey day today. Cardboard computers, sandpits, swings. Finding my mojo and finally back in the groove. Some sewing. Some unpicking. A bit of work. Planning. Dreaming. Waiting. Looking forward and looking up. Hello groove, nice to see you again, let’s do this!

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