the last day

I adore school holidays. All three of my babies home, and all mine for two whole weeks. And lately, their daddy as well. But Monday saw a return to our normal daily lives. Almost. Boy2 was at preschool, but Bear had a pupil free day. We pottered about and played, Bear and Butterfly found a storage tub that had been left out in the rain with no lid and decided that despite the fact it is July, and both the day and the water was freezing, they needed to hop in, clothes and all, and they had a lovely time splashing and playing while mummy sat in the sun and laughed at them. After providing a few jugs of hot water to warm it up. Maybe I’m not as free-range as I thought!!


Once Butterfly went to bed, Bear joined me in the studio, and finished quilting his latest dolls quilt while I did some work on the computer, and then a tug at my album broke my train of thought. “Mummy? Could we do some craft, please? Maybe you could help me with this butterfly?”, he asked as he held up two pipecleaners shaped into very respectable wing shapes. I delved into the craft box, and a small box, some blu-tac and some tape, plus the wings, soon made the little cap above.


Somehow it’s Wednesday already. My to-do list is slowly shrinking, but not without a lot of effort and introspection. And part of that is how this little blog fits into my world. I’m not entirely sure I have an answer. On the crafty to-do list is a couple of custom bags, some lunch wraps, and a pencil roll. I have a painting in progress I want to finish. I have plans drawn for a new storage unit to hopefully make my studio a more workable space, now I just have to sweet-talk my dad into building it for me. It’s a rainy old day and we are trapped inside. Time to pull out the waterpaints and hang with my small people. Have a great day!

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      How cute is Bear asking to do craft. He did a great job!

      Thanks for linking up Rach, sorry it took me so long to visit, the days have just been flying by.

      Amy x

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      Ha ha, no worries, I completely understand – I’m ridiculously behind on my commenting too! He adores craft of any type, at the minute he’s determined to make the two little ones a quilt each for their birthdays!

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