The bubbles swirl around my wrists as /i wash up, the children lost in chatter at the table behind me. A little voice pipes up. “Mummy, I know what we can do for craft today – a toaster! And some toast!”


Uh. Ok. Hmm. I head to the craft stash, to find our random-box-that-look-interesting stash is sorely depleted. The panic starts, I know ther’ll be tears. What to do, what to do? Then, I spy a small box that has fallen down beside the desk, perfect for a mini-toaster. I trimmed some toast-ish looking shapes from some spare chipboard, and with a small child either side of me happily colouring their “toast”, I got busy with the craft scalpel to carve out some toasty slots. A little handle on the side, a bit of foil, and two little boys had their morning planned. It’s a good thing the bacon & eggs they served for me with their toast were just prented, that’s for sure!



The studio is nearly clean. Yesterdays bikkies are nearly gone, and in their place a nice warm tea cake. I have a secret santa to sew for, some scrapping to do, a few ideas swirling rapidly around my head. A crochet rocket to design (hmmm….). Some clothes to sort. Some books to read and cuddles to share. And a weekend in sight. Happy Thursday everyone!

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