Yeah, so it’s kind of square-ish. And not particularly train-ish. But the craft box if running low on recyclables, and the preschooler wanted a Thomas. So we improvised.

We’ve been hanging out at home today. Housework, cuddles, stories, songs, chaseys. Waiting for baby. Relaxing. Enjoying each other. I’m searching for some mojo to clean my office. And maybe do a touch of scrapping. And sewing. The spring sunshine is calling, so I’m tempted to provide paint and paper, and let the children go nuts while I sit in the sun and read a book. Shorts and t-shirt weather makes my heart happy. Almost as much as small people. Wednesday is nearly gone, the downhill run to the weekend has started, and our little people collective is due to expand next week. Can’t wait. Tick tock, tick tock. Hurry up little one!

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