Uses for the egg carton #964

I found myself in a predicament. Bear had made a tractor from some boxes (photos soon!), and was merrily painting away. Chubba Bubba thought he should be involved too. I glanced around, and my gaze alighted on an egg carton, dragged enthusiastically into the toy room by the children, and just as enthusiastically cast aside in favour of other games. I swpet up the baby, plopped him in my lap, and with a squirt of paint in a couple of the cups, let him loose for some finger painting. One would think such a self-contained activity would be reasonably clean, wouldn’t one? Yeah. Me too. Or not, so it seems. Sigh.

It’s a rainy overcast kind of Monday. A rollercoaster weekend has me feeling a bit flat. Maybe some crafting is in order. And I need to mop the toyroom (see painting activities above). With Bear at preschool, and Chubba Bubba asleep, I need to make a move and get productive. And maybe do some sewing. The rollercoaster is on the upwards run again, but I can spy the down not that far ahead, so I’m going to rock this up & up while I’ve got it. Happy Monday everyone, let’s do this!

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