we’re going on an egg hunt…

…we’re going find some pretty ones…


School holidays + Easter = lots of eggy crafts. A visit to Nanny & Poppy’s house saw the small people come home laden with handmade chocolates, and painted pottery eggs. We’ve already made cheesecake eggs (and I refuse to confirm or deny the current consumption status of such), and so the last one standing was hard-boiled-egg-decorating. A grumpy, teething, non-sleeping baby last night meant Beetle went down for a nap early this morning, and after a quick whip around the kitchen tidying up, we gathered our supplies, spread out the newspaper, and got decorating. This particular batch is made using drawing ink that I bought in scarlet, ultramarine and yellow from Eckersley’s and then just put in 6 plastic cups so I could mix up purple, green & yellow. A few cotton buds as paint brushes, and we were set.

Easter egg decorating with drawing ink

Also on the list to try today, is shaving cream and food dye, as well as some nailpolish marbling. Depending if I can pull them away from the band looms I whipped up this morning (tutorial for making your own DIY band loom coming next week!). Bear has a plan to make up an egg hunt with the decorated eggs for Boy2 & Butterfly for Easter morning, after they’ve finished their Easter bunny hunting, “so the little kids can have some extra fun, mummy, ok? Can I do that?” this kid, I swear. Melts me every single time.

WIP Wednesday is aptly titled around here today, with a heap of projects I want to get cleared out. First on the list is this BOM block and a cute little wire sculpture I started yesterday. A project life spread to finish and photos to print. Lego building, train playing, swing pushing, book reading, gingerbread eating, grumpy baby snuggling. Lots of tiny moments to make one fabulous fun day. Have a fabulous Wednesday, are you WIP busting today?

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