3::20 ~ cinnamon palmiers

OCCASSION: I was home alone. I was hungry. The cupboard was decidedly lacking in yummy sweet things. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Must be sweet. And easy. As little prep time and clean up as possible. I’m lazy like that. SOURCE: I got the original process from a Woman’s Weekly book called “Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites”. I originally adapted it to work […]

hello mr postman.

The loungeroom was a swirl of paper, as they drew, then cut, then folded and slipped small scraps into my hand. “Mail for you mummy!”. The old brain defrosted enough to start ticking over and I rummaged through the craft box, pulling out a small shoe box. A few quick slices with a craft scalpel, a bit of packing tape, […]

hop, hippety hop, hippety hop.

This little chap hopped into mind around 7pm one evening. I was to meet with friends the next day, one of whom had just announced to much excitement that she was expecting her first child. I wanted to make something small just to say “congratulations”, and so after the children were in bed, I sat down in front the tv, […]

1::20 ~ double choc chip biscuits

First up on my twenty treats challenge – double choc chip biscuits. (not the usual choc chip I referred to in my previous post, it counts for challenge purposes!) OCCASSION: we were in a biscuit kind of mood. BRIEF & RATIONALE: me “who wants to make biscuits?” Bear – “chocolate ones!!”. These were the only chocolate biscuits in the first […]

DreamCake mug rug {tutorial}

After I posted the mug rug I made for my sister, I had a few people saying they’d never heard of a mug rug, and did I have a tutorial? With the recent arrival of my new DreamCake fabric, I thought it the perfect excuse to make something! This tutorial assumes a level of sewing knowledge, but should hopefully work […]

twenty treats.

  {chocolate chips baked with my boy on Saturday while sick baby slept and Daddy took Bear to soccer} We love to bake around here. There’s nothing like the smell of warm cake or fresh biscuits to bring the kitchen to life. The boys excitedly drag chairs over, and Butterfly will perch up on the bench, and then the squabbling […]

Bloggers Boogie {super old school edition}

HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime in your local timezone. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, that’s ok too, join the party as well! Come back and leave a comment to join the fun – I’m yet to find […]

sneaky sneaky

; I very nearly didn’t post today, but I just finished this little beanie, so wanted to show it off. I hear “I don’t know how you find the time” a lot. You know how? By sneaking it in. By making creating part of my everyday routine. This little beauty was finished during Boy2’s drama lesson, while Butterfly chatted beside […]

thankful thursday.

I pulled the mail out of the box, and squeezed. Hmm, something exciting there. Yep, addressed to me. What had I ordered? I scratched my mind as I flipped it over, and then saw the sender, and was even more excited. I’ve posted before about my pay it forward (which I’m slowly working through!), and this was my turn to […]

Doily fever {plus pattern}

Hi. I’m Little White Dove, and I’m a doily-a-holic. I’ve blogged before about my adventures in crocheting doilies, and the project I have in mind, I needed a couple of smaller ones. I first tried just doing a couple of rounds (the little one on the left), but it didn’t really work, so using the original pattern as a starting […]