Sunday Snippets. Already?

How is it Sunday? Thanks to everyone who joined up for the Bloggers Boogie last night – it’s not too late to come to the party! And recovery party style, as usual I’m joining the Sunday Snippets link up with tinniegirl. All instagram as per usual, ‘cos I’m lazy like that. {NOTE ON COMMENTING :: wordpress, in their infinite wisdom, […]


She walked along the empty beach dragging her toes in the wet sand, every step leaving a trail that weaved along behind her. The dull grey of the clouds reflected her lethargy, the whole world seemingly drained of colour, happiness but a fleeting memory. Feeling watchful eyes on her, Katharina glanced over her shoulder, but she was alone. Of course […]

come away with me.

I first “met” Gail almost six years ago. I was pregnant with Bear, our first, she was pregnant with her second little boy. Since then, we have become fast friends, laughing and chatting, as friends do. Until February last year, when Gail’s world stopped, stood on it’s head, and shattered into a million tiny pieces. Her beautiful eldest boy, not […]

sunday snippets :: long weekend

Half way through the long weekend, and my mind is so mixed up I nearly forgot Sunday Snippets with tinniegirl. All instagram as per usual, ‘cos I’m lazy like that. {NOTE ON COMMENTING :: wordpress, in their infinite wisdom, have changed their systems, and if your email has ever been associated with a wordpress/gravatar account, it won’t let you comment […]


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” ; A lovely friend has long been bugging me requesting a LittleWhiteDove original, and with my new acquisition of oil paints, it was time. But what to paint. I had various ideas, but none seemed to fit the exact criteria that would […]

sunday snippets

Another weekend almost gone, but on the upside, there’s lots of fun to be had while in Bloggers Boogie recovery mode – Sunday Song, Totally Pinworthy, and of course, Sunday Snippets tinniegirl. All instagram as per last week, I’m making it all about easy for Sundays – it is a day of rest after all!   {NOTE ON COMMENTING :: […]

waste not, want not.

; We do a fair bit of baking around here, so I tend to buy our flour in 12.5kg bags direct from a somewhat-local organic flourmill. Except this bag, I wasn’t quite as regimented at getting the leftover from the paper sack into the sealed plastic container as I normally would be. Of course, this meant prepping the pizza bases […]


  Winter is slowly rolling in. The mornings are cooler, the mornings darker, the afternoons shorter. And lately it feels like summer has taken with it my mojo and energy. I was feeling particularly flat this morning, but with the sun putting up a gallant fight, I decided it was time to fight back. With a little inspiration from Pinterest, […]

Nom nom nom

The house explodes with laughter and the clatter of shoes and bags as we arrive home from the preschool pick-up. The fruit platter soon demolished, they are hovering around my legs once more. “We want to do craft, mummy”, Bear announces. “We do crast, mama”, Bubba Boy, his big brother’s eternal shadow, echoes. By 4.30, both my creativity and patience […]