…blogtober wrap up…



Oh October, what a month you were! I ended up missing a week or so of my blog-every-day goal, after my computer died and mucked up my rhythm and my to-do list. BUT it was fun, nonetheless. It was lovely to be back in this space like the good old days. It’s given me momentum to keep up with twice weekly postings, and I even found the mojo to vlog TWICE! So I’m hoping to keep that fun going, too. A lot of my creativity is being poured into homeschool at the minute, so I didn’t complete as many new projects as I would have hoped, but I did get some old ones finished, and made some progress on others.

All in all, a good month. 23 posts in 31 days is a pretty decent effort, especially coming off the back of a 12 month bloggy break. I also didn’t push as hard as I have in previous years, admittedly, but I can live with that. It was a fun ride! Thanks to those who followed along and left comments, I hope you enjoyed the month too.

Friday has been super kind to us today. We’ve tidied up and played some board games. We had friends come over to play. We have more board games and some baking in our future, and might even wrangle a movie. The weekend is looking just as delightful, which I am grateful for, as it’s our last quiet one until Christmas. Gardening and games and a whole lotta craft. Have a great one, my friends, see you next week!

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