…DIY advent activity calendar – advent blogalong day two…

For the last two years, we have used an advent calendar that I made for Christmas 2015. Last year I was working a heap and Christmas snuck up on me and I’d forgotten to update the dates/activities so we ended up winging it a lot, which isn’t really ideal. This year I decided to mix things up a bit and I covered an old box with Christmas paper, and made a lucky dip advent calendar!

On the outside, I have taped some envelopes for things that need to happen on a certain day, and then inside the box, I have some wrapped parcels plus some undated envelopes. The parcels include the supplies to complete an activity, and the undated envelopes have prompts for things to do. We also have our stack of Christmas books next to the box to read our way through the month.


The 1st was a dated envelope kind of day, and our activity was “build a Lego advent calendar”, using a video we found on Facebook. We opened it after lunch when the day started getting too hot and muggy, and spent a lovely couple of hours ensconced in the toy room, getting our creative Lego building skills fine tuned. I’ve since filled it with chocolates, so now we get a craft, a story, and a chocolate each day. THEN, we were blessed by a friend who gifted us a faith-based sticker advent calendar, that the kids are loving – so it’s craft, story, chocolate, sticker every day now…

I think I’m going to need a roster for who’s turn it is to do what! I’m thinking there’s a high chance it’s going to be crafty and over-engineered 🙈 but what is Christmas without excessive crafting?? I can’t wait to share our daily projects with you!

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