…hand stitched travelers notebook…

As part of my continued effort in revamping my morning routine, I have started writing “morning pages” as a brain dump and a way to get my head in the game. And then I started a 30 day slow childhood challenge that had journaling prompts, so that required another notebook. With my basket suddenly  filling up with notebooks, I decided a storage solution was in order.

hand embroidered dori

I kind of got a bit excited to play around with this! I have a little pile of embroidery books on my shelf that have been through three declutters so far, and every time, I am on the verge of throwing them out, and everytime, I talk myself into keeping them. Just in case, you know. Never know when a good project might come up that I would need them for – never mind that I could also just look on Pinterest, but there’s nothing quite like a flick through a proper book.

So I sat and doodled and played around with ideas, and came up with this cute little garden…and what garden is complete without a busy little buzzy bee, especially at this time of year? The dori itself is just two layers of denim + interfacing, joined in my typical raw edge fashion (al a my Queen Bee Dori and Alley’s birdwatching dori). Simple, cute and effective. My favourite kind of project!

This project is also the first of my “make all the things” challenge! It was so good to play with floss outside of cross-stitch, for the first time in a long time, and I am loving the results.


1 project down, 25 to go!


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