How we get in the spirit of the season {Advent Blogalong Day 4}

How we get in the spirit of the season {Advent Blogalong Day 4}

I had grand plans for this week, really I did. But I ended up with small people home sick for all but 1.5 days, and here we are. Today’s post was originally planned for Wednesday, whoops!


A Christmas blog series needs a Christmassy post, right? And what better way to kick off Advent that with a little tour of Silly Season, Barefoot style? Last year, we splurged and bought the little people a Lego advent calendar. Truth be told, it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. I believe I made it to day 15 before I threw a hissy fit at the amount of teeny tiny lego pieces taking up residence on the floor.


This year we are also doing an Advent activity calender, which I made earlier this week. I’ve shared a bit about the envelopes over on And Sew We Craft today, which I have propped up all over a mini Christmas tree I picked up at Target for $10 as market stall decoration. The sweet decoration up the top is from Butterfly’s preschool portfolio, and says “family means spending time”, which is so her – quality time is her love language. It also perfectly captures the idea behind the calendar, and so it became our “star”.

advent activity calendar

So far, our activities have including making jam, setting up the Lego calendar, and yesterday’s – make tissue paper pom poms. Aren’t they awesome? We followed this Martha Stewart tutorial and we are chuffed with the results!pom pomsThe other thing that I don’t yet have ready to show you is our book countdown. I have collected most of our Christmas books (when I say most, I mean, where would you hide if you were Christmas Wombat?), and will wrap them up and start that count down on St Nicholas Day this Sunday. If you look closely at the tree photo, you’ll see a book tuckeed between the tree & the tv. That is a sweet little book called “The Christmas Mystery” and it’s 25-chapter format is perfect for our little chapter-per-day tradition.

Add in December Daily for memory keeping, and possibly attempting a “Listers Gotta List” challenge, and we are in full Christmas count down mode!


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