…pretending to be organised for Christmas…

…pretending to be organised for Christmas…

This morning, I had a sick wee boy, so stayed home from church with Beetle while everyone else went, and then once they returned, we tag-teamed, and I loaded up my queen bee morning basket with some crafty goodies, and headed out to the one papercrafting workshop I manage to get to each year – a Christmas card extravaganza. While projects are provided, I generally just putter away at my own designs instead, because I’m a weirdo like that. As I was packing, I realised I hadn’t printed any of my Christmas digital papers (or designed any for this year, for that matter!), so instead I decided to grab a mini wrapping kit from Kikki K that has been sitting in my stash since 2015. It ended up being a super fun way to work – my only wish is that I hadn’t forgotten my stamp pads, and that I had brought a cute background stamp to add some extra dimension to my cards.

I ended up making 11 cards – a note card, not pictured, two of the class project cards and 9 card created from the kit, using the wrapping papers and mini cards, along with some glitter paper from one of the class projects repurposed into my own design.

I’m super happy with how they turned out…the only trick now will be to remember to write them and post them before the 20th of December!

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