…quilt camp projects & wrap up…

Oh man, what a weekend! Quilt camp is always a bundle of fun, and this year was no exception. As always, I massively overpacked, and despite my good intentions, didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped for a variety of reasons, but I still managed to get a bit of crafting done, in among all the chatter and coffee breaks and walks up to the pub.

I took with me:

crochet blanket
homeschool project life album
personal project life cards to make
1 quilt to unpick the quilting of
1 quilt to sandwich
watercolour to play with
beads to make diffuser bracelets
Charm squares to make a dust cover for my sewing machine
Top for me to finish

What I actually did:

cross-stitch – I’d hoped to get the whole of the Charlotte’s Web block finished, which I didn’t get done 

crochet blanket – I was aiming for four to five colours added, and ended up with two added

project life x2 – I’d hoped to get school up to date, and get a handful of cards made. I didn’t even get them out of my bag

Quilt to unpick – got it done!! It was slow going for a while, until I started working between the layers and unpicked the stitches from under the top but above the batting.
Quilt to sandwich – still right where I packed it!!

watercolours – we had a bit of a play all together on Saturday night and had a lot of fun with it

beads – I fixed AJ’s bracelet, and helped Kylie make one of her own, so we’ll call that a win

Charm squares – laid them out, decided on a layout…didn’t have an extension cord for my machine to reach the wall, so back into the bag they went

Top for me – hahahahahah yeah no, that one didn’t get touched either.

I always swear that I won’t take so much next year. I’m even telling myself that about next year. But would quilt camp feel like quilt camp without a boot full of stuff??

And of course, what would a travel post be without the pertinent details!

Where we stayed – Gaze 1, Yamba St (rented through Elders). Super close to the beach, coffee shops and main street, and plenty of off street parking. And the terrace was amazing (when it wasn’t raining) to sit and catch the breeze and listen to the ocean
Coffee – we grabbed ours from the YHA coffee shop, they were reasonably priced, and tasted the part!
Pizza – to keep life simple, we go out one night, order in one night, and do one night of finger food. Our house came with a voucher for Sassafras and yum yum yum! Great pizza and reasonably priced, would definitely recommend the garlic pizza and the chicken and bacon (and the other girls liked the two others we ordered as well)
The Bowlo – who can go past a good counter tea at the club? Being a rainy Saturday night it was busy so a bit of a wait – book a table ahead for a large group.
The Nook – we kinda sorta fell into a second hand bookshop (#whoops). It’s a great little shop tucked down the arcade, with a large range, and helpful staff. I scored three books…because my to-read list isn’t long enough, apparently…
Breakfast – our now traditional brekkie stop was the same place as last year – Irons&Craig. They have a menu with plenty of options, well priced and lovely service.
Yamba itself – love love love Yamba, such a pretty spot, and the right mix of big enough to have the services and shops we need but small enough to be chilled out and unbusy.

And after all the prep and excitement and count down, it came and went and we are back to real life, and starting to think about next year. 360 sleeps to go!! (PS, if you know a great house in Yamba or somewhere similar slightly north of there, drop me a line? We’re looking for an open plan place with room for 6 crafters, five or six cars and our own beds. Hit me up with your suggestions!!)

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