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Over on instagram, I run a little craft party called the Saturday Night Craft Along. It began two and a half years ago on a whim when I was bored one Saturday night, and from there is has grown into a huge event, that I am lucky to now share hosting duties with two other lovely crafty ladies – Meg, who I have known since 2010 when we met on Flickr, and Lucy, who approached us about 18 months ago and asked if we would be interested in a UK host as well. We have become quite a tight little group, and are always trying to dream up fun stuff for our awesome SNCA community.

One of those ideas was a swap, to celebrate the end of the year. We ended up with 150 people from around the world joining in, and there have been some amazing projects popping up in the swap tag on instagram. I was allocated Caitlin to make for, and lucky for me, I had met her at last years ASWC Retreat so I had a bit of an idea of what kind of direction to take things, as I didn’t have a mosaic to help me out

I knew she liked purple, that she was working in finance, and that she often took projects with her. So for my small handmade item, I sewed her a little padded drawstring project bag, with a calculator-inspired applique. For the extras, I wasn’t sure what kind of edibles she may like, but I did notice she often engaged with my doTERRA instagram, so I made her up a set of three rollers I thought she may find useful – Study Session, Calm+Focused and Stress Less.TBC-2489 TBC-2490Thanks Lucy for being swap mama for the Aussie/Kiwi contingent! It was a super fun swap, and we are looking forward to creating some more fun events in 2018!


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      And a huge thankyou from me πŸ˜€. It already has a small knitting project in it! I do appreciate the study helps as well. Nothing has gone to plan over the last couple of months I was going to put a mosaic up then didn’t and it just went from there. πŸ˜€ thank you.

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        You are very welcome! And I totally get what you mean, the last couple of months have been crazy here too, as you could probably tell from the late postage!!

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