Snug as a bug in a tea cozy {commission}

Snug as a bug in a tea cozy {commission}

I know, I know. It’s all I seem to blog at the minute. But this is the last commission I haven’t shared with you yet.

This was super fun. A lovely friend in Canada shared a picture of her new mugs. But poor little mugs had heard about Canadian winters, it seems, and came prepared – they wore little cabled mug jumpers. Or sweaters, to the Canadians/Americans.

Which lead to a discussion of whether tea cozies were still a thing, which lead to a discussion of knitting, which lead to a Pinterest board & us kicking around some ideas. Next thing you know, I’ve started knitting. And started knitting. And started knitting. The first attempt I miscounted stitches. The second attempt I managed to twist my stitches and end up with a total mess. Attempt three was perfect – until I cast off and realised I was four inches too short. Attempt four, and we had success!!


It turned out super cute, and has arrived in Canada just this week. And because I can’t complete a project without taking it too far and spreading the crazy, the sweater cozy may or may not be joining the sweater mugs for Awkward Family Photos: Canadian Hot Beverage Style, and I can not WAIT to see how they turn out.   I’ve been cackling for months. Apparently I’m easily amused.

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