…this week…

Another week done! It’s been equal parts magic and frustrating, with my computer refusing to talk to my printer and quite a backlog of things needing printing for both homeschool and my EssentiallyBarefoot business. Technology, hey? But it’s easy to get caught up in that sucky spiral, so I’m learning to walk away when it first plays up, and my stress levels drop by a magnitude of approximately 7000. So many better ways to pass the time than yell at the computer, such as my top ten things from this week:
Reading- I finished last week’s book and didn’t love it, so went back to an old favourite to perk me up – Unveiled, by Courtney Milan. Ever so much fun, I love her historical novels
Watching- Hot Date on Netflix last night. It was an ok Saturday chill out flick, but I wouldn’t rush to rewatch. 
Listening to- Pentatonix Christmas songs 🎄
Creating- a silver ring! Was so fun to attend a jewellery making workshop this week and create my own ring. Just waiting now to see it cast, I’m super nervous about how it will turn out!
Planning- a Dawson’s Creek marathon this afternoon while I fold four baskets of washing. Things I didn’t count on being a thing with homeschool – Miss 7 changing her clothes 500 times a day and stuffing them in the laundry 😭
Pinning- all the kennels, as husband side-eyes me and reminds me it’s a dog house and not a decor item. 
Working on- cross-stitch (in school hours) and crochet (supervising playtime)
Writing- lesson plans trying to get everything plotted out between now and summer holidays (five weeks to go!)
Contemplating- my one little word for 2018, and not finding anything that’s a great fit yet. 
Enjoying from around the internet:

gorgeous photographs of Paris that remind me its far too long since we’ve been. 2018 goals – plan another Europe trip! I think I’m going to treat myself to one of these prints for Christmas. So so pretty. 

– this great essential oil pouch tutorial – I need approximately ten

– wondering if I should get Miss Butterfly a Christmas tutu. And possibly myself for Santa photos. Reckon my accountant would let me write it off as uniform expense??

– these adorable tags from hand carved stamps make me want to get busy! Aren’t they the sweetest?
Happy Sunday friends, I hope it’s an awesome one! I’m off to work on unpicking my SNCA Swap project while Mr Barefoot shampoos the carpets. 

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