…this week…

This week has felt more peaceful – the printer is still being painful, sadly, but too much fun stuff has been happening to let it bring me down! We’ve had a productive week of school, there’s been plenty of crafty goodness, and to top it off, we got some glorious rain yesterday that made for a lovely afternoon working on my quilt! My top ten things from this week:

Reading- “So Much For That” by Lionel Shriver, and quite enjoying it, though with every chapter that opens with a Merrill Lynch fund account balance I want to yell at that character to cash the darn thing out, there’s a GFC coming!!! Hashtag finance nerd problems 😂

Watching- the Harry Potter marathon on Channel Nine, though it would be easier to chuck on the DVD and skip the ads, but that wouldn’t seem quite the same, somehow. 

Listening to- ABC Classic FM and enjoying the peacefulness of no vocals. It’s a nice change of pace in this busy season where it feels like there are people talking at me constantly

Creating- space to breath as the silly season ramps up the crazy

Planning- a final list of advent activities and supplies so I can start wrapping packs for our lucky dip advent calendar

Pinning- alllll the Christmas things, as part of a mood board for what I am…

Working on- a cute journal cover for Goodie Goodie Gumdrops Christmas journaling course 

Writing- a naughty and nice list…or possibly just a list of what the children would like. Same/same, yes?

Contemplating- some posts for Advent Blogalong

Enjoying from around the internet:
crochet as complex geometry? Be still, my nerdy

– this super fun mixed media monthly pack is something I need in my life! I love Stephanie’s work, and mixed with bible journaling? I am so here for that.

– artist kids + creative sense of parenting humour = perfection

twig Christmas ornaments that are just the cutest

– the perfect summer beach tote, now the kids are getting big enough to carry their own stuff

Happy Sunday friends, may it be full of crafty goodness! I’m planning on walking the dog then snuggling down for some more quilting and maybe a movie

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