Where I Stand {this week}

This week I have been:

Listening to Meagan Trainor and maybe dancing in my chair

Watching Aressted Development on Netflix with Mr Barefoot

Making all the things from yarn. Rugs, beanies, blankets. 

Reading lots of blogging resources. 

Planning to finish some planner page design.

Loving around the Internet:

I have been planning a seasonal “bucket list” for a month or so, and seeing Elise Joy’s summer manifesto has been the reminder I needed to get organised. Look for my winter mini bucket list on Instagram this week.

This tutorial for lattice blocks from Stitched In Color is something that a) I would have loved for the orange quilt of awesome and b) is one of the obvious and simple ideas that makes you face palm and wonder why you didn’t realise it before.

The lovely Amy from Ladybugs & Daisychains is having a long weekend sale on her clutch pattern – you can find the code on her Facebook page

From me, yesterday I shared on And Sew We Craft a quick tutorial for creating colour swatches from a photo 

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