Where I Stand {this week}


This week I’m:

Reading: This Child of Mine (Sinead Moriarty)

Watching: Arrested Development on Netflix (did I say that last week? We are still working through it)

Making: commissioned totes and new notecards

Planning: our final trip itinerary

Loving: my new haircut, including my first fringe in a long time.

And no links this week, because I have barely even had time to look around the Internet. So tell me, lovely readers, what fun things have you found around and about this week? And don’t forget to join us on Instagram for #barefootsunday?

PS – next week will be the last regular Where I Stand for a month or so, while we head off on our big trip, but I may still share some photos depending on where we are and what we are doing. Have a great Sunday!!

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