visual dare 54 :: covert

visual dare 54 :: covert

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The swirling snow guaranteed only most foolhardy and desperate would venture forth today. I would be safe, I reassured myself as I carefully made my way to the waiting carriage. There was no risk of seeing her, giving me more time to process the events of the previous evening’s ball. The way her eyes flashed as she spoke, the way they crinkled in the corner as she found amusement in something I had said. Requesting we dance a second, and then third set, I knew would attract attention; indeed, I had heard the whispers myself. Yet there was no understanding between us, barely an acquaintance beyond what we had formed on the dancefloor. The streets all but deserted, I quickly dashed from carriage to doorway, when another carriage pulled up behind mine, and that precious vision of my thoughts stepped down, looking around. Without thinking, I flipped up my collar and turned my face away. Not yet. Not so soon. Not until I was entirely sure, as convinced in mind as I already was of heart.


Joining in this weeks Visual Dare –  “Covert”. I’m a wee bit over at 176 words, but I felt I couldn’t cull any further without losing the spirit of the story I was trying to tell. I will freely admit I am heavily influenced by the fact I finished reading Persuasion this morning, hence the heavily historical leaning of this piece!

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