above :: visual dare #15

Lauren felt her spirits lift as she looked around the bustling promenade. After wandering the globe and hopping country to country, she’d arrived here, and the promenade lined with cafes and boutiques, looking out over the bay was full of activity and happy people, felt welcoming, and so she rented a small flat, not overlooking the water, but within walking distance, and started laying down roots.

Today was her first time at the annual family fun day, and she found herself drawn to the waters edge, surrounded with loved-up couples and young families. She looked for her friends as she slowly made her way towards the hot air balloons at the other end of the open space. Still alone as she reached the ticket box, she paid her fare, and waited as the attendant held the gate open. “Find a spot, love, take your pick. The baskets will take five people, so don’t be shy! We’ll launch in ten minutes or so”. One basket stood empty, save for the pilot, and with a quick smile, she climbed in, and leaned on the side of the basket, taking in the joyous atmosphere. Feeling the balloon lift, Lauren turned around, holding tight, and then her heart slammed to a stop when she saw the third person in the basket. Could it really be Paul? Her Paul?


I’m linking up with Anonymous Legacy for this little flash fiction challenge, just in the nick of time! As always, I will say that while I love comments, please bear in mind I am NOT a writer, and the small fictions I share here are just for fun with friends. Please comment with kindness, it is a big deal to me to be putting my writing attempts “out there”.

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