Bells in the Rain :: Visual Dare #16

Two weeks since he’d last called. She jumped every time her phone rang, or beeped. The butterflies in her tummy grew stronger with each Facebook notification. But it was never him. Surely the end couldn’t be that undramatic? No big fight, no harsh words, just drifting. Days that go by, and it becomes harder to call than to just leave it for “tomorrow”. The rain matched her mood. Just like the day they met, a soft pattering rain, the overcast gloom making the students milling around the university forecourt count the minutes until they could return to their rooms and rug up in tracksuits and doonas, a coffee in hand, and curl up in a chair with a book, and not necessarily a text book. It hadn’t been raining when Lauren woke, but just a sad grey sky that took every last ounce of her willpower to drag herself from bed in time to make it to lectures. The rain had come later, on her way to the library, and she was forced to make a dash for the nearby student centre. A hand that wasn’t her own pulled the door open and held it for her, and together they stood in the lobby, staring in silence past the bells hanging against the window, willing the rain to pause long enough to get to where they were going. When it became apparent the rain was settled in, she turned to the stranger waiting with her. “Hi, I’m Lauren”. He grinned and stuck his hand out “I’m Paul”.


Linking up with Angela at Anonymous Legacy again for Visual Dare. Recognise anyone? Yes, I’m working on expanding Lauren and Paul’s story from last week’s dare, as part of Camp NaNoWriMo. I hope you enjoyed this snippet of their backstory.

Today’s word count : 257

Total word count : 721

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