Five Sentence Fiction :: flight

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The boards flickered, the list of flights changing every couple of minutes, as they stood side by side and watched, waiting for the right numbers to come up. Next to each other, together, but not touching, the memories of the last three days and the ghosts of the last six years both binding them and keeping them apart. And then there is was, his flight, the code and gate and time halfway down the list. An innocent grouping of numbers and letters that took on an almost malicious glee in being the combination that would tear them apart again. The same combination was enough to unlock the silent barriers between them, and Lauren slipped her hand in his, with the glimmer of tears in her eyes as she looked up at Paul, and wished things could be easier.


A little Five Sentence Fiction inspired by last weeks FSF prompt – Flight, and adds another 138 words to Lauren and Paul’s story. I might even try to get an L&P write4ten companion piece written this afternoon, and an unrelated FSF for this weeks prompt. First, coffee.

(special mention must go to Miss Car, who I’ve been trying to line up a virtual writing date with, but you know, life. And still she gave me a much needed JFDI kick up the proverbial. *mwah* chicken, this one’s for you!)

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