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He pushed the door open, and dumped his keys on the hall table, his bag hitting the floor next to his feet seconds later. Leaving the lights off, Paul let the gentle glow of dusk easing through the windows guide his way to the lounge room, where he collapsed in his favourite chair, and took a moment to let the weekend just gone wash over him. A roller-coaster of emotion, a hundred unspoken promises, and a heart full of hope that their happy ending was just around the corner. But hope and promise wasn’t enough to hold on to, as the last of the light slipped away, and the silence of the darkness mocked him. He may have arrived back at his apartment, but he knew he would never truly be home until she was by his side, always.




Linking up with Lillie McFerrin for Five Sentence Fiction – this week’s prompt is “Home”. Today’s snippet of Lauren and Paul’s story is part of Paul’s homecoming after this weekend away. The rest of Lauren and Paul’s story can be found here.

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