Friday Fiction :: Almost {visual dare}

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The sound of their yelling echoed through the now empty room, just like the door she’d slammed on the way out. After months of tense silences and pointless bickering, they’d finally found themselves together long enough to shout it out. As the car door slammed, her last words finally hit him. “It’s too late. It’s too hard. I’m done,” she’d told him, her car keys dangling from one hand. After 6 years, it had come down to this moment and now she was leaving and he’d done nothing to stop her. Their last chance was almost gone. He pulled open the door as the car started moving. He ran after her, and for a moment it almost seemed like she was going to stop, but the moment passed. The car disappeared. She was gone. They almost had everything, and now she was gone and they were over. 


147 words for this week’s Visual Dare. I actually had it bang on 150 words which my phone decided to eat, and of course was approximately 7000 times better than what I managed to dredge from the shallows of the pile of sleep deprived mush formerly known as my brain. TGIF right? Today’s plans include project life, blog tweaking & some fun road-trip prep crafting. Fridays are a fun kind of busy, the weekend is calling and my sights are on kicking my to-do list’s butt to make the most of it. Happy Friday my friends!

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