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I have long subscribed to a blog called “One-Minute Writer“, where the idea is to be inspired by the prompt, and write something, anything, in 60 seconds. Fridays, however, are designated “Fiction Friday“, and have no time limit.

This week’s Fiction Friday topic was “Jar”. The first thing that came to mind was a door, ajar. Yeah, I know, kind of a tangent. That’s the beauty of inspiration.

This is my entry for Fiction Friday. (As always, I love to receive comments, but please bear in mind this is the first time I have dared blog any of my creative writing attempts, so please be gentle!)


She sat in front of her computer, pondering the email that filled the screen before her. It was an opportunity she’d dreamed of, longed for, and here it was. But. There’s always a but. It was on a school-day. And not any school day, but the day of the end-of-year assembly where her small daughter would be called up and receive an award for excellence. Her mind flipped through a million possibilities. How to juggle both. And yet, nothing would work. The timing was just wrong. Mentally cursing Murphy, she stood, and wandered aimlessly through the house. Passing the kitchen, she flicked on the kettle. A cup of tea would help clear her mind. Sipping on the tea, the door of her daughter’s room caught her eye. She could here the mumblings of a little girl lost in play through the door, slightly ajar. She stood silently near the opening, and listened to the chatter of the tea party in progress. Pushing open the door, her daughter turned from the gathered teddies, and grinned. “Come join us, mummy!”, she said, and suddenly, the indecision, the sense of unfairness left, as the circle opened to admit a new guest to the party, and they both became lost in a world of make-believe.

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