Menage Monday :: week 50


The pounding of feet on cement echoed around the tunnel, a low rhythm barely audible above the pounding beat coming from the earphones, as she puffed her way through the last leg of her run. The music dipped, paused, and was replaced by the familiar tinkle of her ringtone. Lauren slowed to a jog as she pulled the phone from her armband, and glanced at the screen. Not a number she knew. She hit the “decline” option and stuffed it back in it’s holder, and picked up the pace. They’d leave a voicemail if it was important. She finished her run, and checked her phone again. No voicemail, but there was a text from the same number. She opened it, and smiled. “Hi Lauren, it’s Paul. Gemma gave me your number, wondering if you were free tonight. Let me know. P.” Tonight…well, tonight was supposed to be about that assignment that still wasn’t finished. She picked up the phone, and her thumbs hovered over the keyboard for a minute, then tapped out a message before she could change her mind. “Yep, free tonight, sounds fun. Meet you at 8? L.”




This is a super late Menage Monday flash from a couple of weeks back. I had started this one, and for some reason, the bit I’d written has disappeared. I’m not overly happy with this one, but at least it’s a happier part of the Lauren & Paul story, rather than the tense end-times pieces I’ve been posting! It doesn’t help either that various life happenings have meant I haven’t written as much lately as I would like to, so I feel (and sound) a bit rusty. But anyway. It’s a start. Small steps to long stories. Maybe.

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