menage monday

I missed this last weeks deadline for Ménage Monday, but there is always next week for a chance to join in again. I had a play around anyway :

Slowly, my eyes flicker open, then slam shut to stop the pain. I groan, trying to make sense of where I am. The smell is strange, sterile, antiseptic. A hospital? But it seems too quiet. No beeping machines, no squeak of rubber on lino as the nurses rush past. I can hear the breeze outside, and the birds singing. I swallow, painfully, searching for clues. Colours, lots of colours, flashing fast, nothing staying still, the world of my memory rushing around me. A spiked drink maybe? Music all around, I feel happy, I remember singing with my friends. Then, nothing.

I give up as I hear a nurse come in. “Oh, you are awake!” and I try to turn my head to face her. What is happening? I can’t move!! The panic must show in my eyes, and she leans over into my field of vision, her kind eyes level with mine. “Try and relax, you are ok now. There was an accident, but you’ll survive this.” And then it rushes back. Pulling away from the club, the lightshow changing colours, and then the laughter gives way to twisting metal as we slam into a taxi.


As always, I will say that while I love comments, please bear in mind I am NOT a writer, and the small fictions I share here are just for fun with friends. Please comment with kindness, it is a big deal to me to be putting my writing attempts “out there”.

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