out of the box {week three}

out of the box {week three}


Each Monday I’ll post a challenge designed to push your comfort zone. A mix of stuff from the WIP and something new. Different styles. Different settings. Different lengths. The result is due as a link in the comment section here on the Friday of the same week. I’m mainly posting as accountability for Car, but if you’d like to play along too, we’d love to have you!

WEEK THREE: Behind the Scenes. Pick a scene from your current WIP, and in around 200 words, tell me a bit about what’s happening with one of the ‘off stage’ characters. It doesn’t need to impact the main action of the chosen original scene.

Ready. Set. Write.

(Want a button to make it feel more official? I made one. Mainly for an excuse to do some calligraphy and play with Illustrator, but hey. Why not.)


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