Race the Date :: Reunion

The airport was noisy and full of people rushing to be somewhere else. Occasionally the doors would open and a fresh wave of people would flood into the arrivals hall, scanning thw crowds for a familiar face. The longer she stood there, waiting for it to be her turn for someone to smile in her direction, to scoop her up in a hug, the more impatient she’d become, and the more frequently she would check her watch, or let her gaze drift from the door to the arrivals board. She was on the verge of pulling out her and triple checking that the flight codes she had been obsessively checking for the last half hour was indeed the right one, when she felt his arms wrap around her waist, and his breath against her ear as he whispered hello. The anxiety left her, she relaxed against him. The waiting was over, for now, anyway. For now, he was all hers, and she couldn’t be happier.



Written as part of Lauren & Paul’s story for today’s “Race The Date” challenge with the prompt “Reunion”.



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