the message.

 The light flashed on his phone, blinking a welcome as he came through the door, and started flicking on lights. His mother, most likely. It had been three days after all, and there was bound to be something under her skin that she was just busting to tell him. Or maybe lecture him again about working too much. He set his briefcase down next to the hallstand, and pressed play as he walked into the next room and hit the button to start up his computer, ready for a night of work, balancing dinner on his lap. The electronic voice read out the date and time, and then, a voice echoed through the apartment. The last voice he’d expected to hear today. The voice he’d been waiting for three years to hear again. “Hello Paul, it’s, uh, it’s Lauren”




This little episode of Lauren & Paul’s story takes place approximately three years after they have broken up. I’ve pulled this little snippet from the chapter I’m currently working on, after the lovely Miss Car and Miss Bacoon held an impromptu L&P fan club meeting at quilt camp. I’m pretty sure the meeting consisted of the entirety my the L&P fan base, but it’s nice to hear nonetheless! I have to say, I am loving the chapter this extract comes from, I’m going to prioritise writing time this week and try and work through a few little plot knots.


As always, I’d love to know what you think, but please do bear in mind I am not a writer, and all little snippets published here are just for a bit of fun with friends, so please keep it kind! Thank you x

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