VisDare 42 :: outnumbered

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The lights dimmed, the curtains parted. From somewhere in the back of the hall, a spotlight carved a beam through the murky semi dark, and lit up the costumed performers on the stage. Paul’s breath caught. With her back to him, and everyone else, stood Lauren, stunning in a flowing white gown, surrounded by black suited men. The hint of an idea that had been hiding in the depths of his mind flared into life, and in that heartbeat he knew without a doubt it would become his reality. Next time he saw her dressed in white, he promised himself, it wouldn’t be from behind. It would be as she walked towards him. He knew more than anything in this world, he wanted Lauren as his wife.


127 words


I found some time during our weekend getaway to do some flash writing. This one is a belated Visual Dare, and is part of Lauren & Paul’s ongoing story. I’ll add this one to the master page, but I’m going to be sneaky and leave it in the “untimelined” section for now. There are a few spots it could slot into, but I don’t want to give to much away!!

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