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“Another day, another city. I find myself staring into the crowd, wondering where today finds you”, she writes, and stops. Suddenly, for someone who never had trouble with words, there is nothing to say. Nothing that flows from heart to mind to fingertips to scrawl across the card to reach out to him, wherever he is. Lauren lets her mind wander, staring at the garden bed next to her, where a group of snails inch their way across the stonework. Without thinking, she reaches out a finger to the one nearest the edge, gently tracing the ridges in the sandstone, then pulls back, shocked from her reverie by the tentative touch of an antenna. Her coffee has gone cold, and still, she can’t find the words. She scrawls the date and the city across the bottom, and tucks it in her journal. Just another postcard to add to the collection.


Easing back into writing and creating, with a little Lauren & Paul episode, courtesy of this week’s Visual Dare. This little snippet is a follow on, becoming part of this scene. I’m feeling quite rusty after such a long break, but some writing is better than none, hey?

150 words, bringing me to a total of 8001 words. Why do I find this significant enough to mention? Why I first decided to expand on the Lauren and Paul story, beyond the original 100-odd words of the first Visual Dare, I planned on a story with a total of 5000 to 8000 words. Today, I’ve broken the upper limit of the goal I set myself, and am nowhere near finished. I have a bunch of scenes that still need to be connected, a lot of fleshing out to do and a lot of loose ends to tidy up. My revised target is 15,000 words, but who knows?

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