Visual Dare 18 :: Inspect

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She stood on the dock, her hand tightly held by her mother, as they waited, and watched as the boat slowly came in. Despite repeated pleas to keep calm, she became fidgety, until at last the boat docked, and her father appeared over the bow. “Daddy!!” she squealed, switching from fidgeting to jumping up and down in place. Slowly, the first half of the crew disembarked, and those remaining on deck began passing down the days catch. One fish landed nearby, mouth gaping, so large it seemed big enough to be a whale, in the mind of a small girl at least. Could this be Jonah’s whale? She’d heard the story just that morning at Sunday School. Unable to contain her curiosity any longer, she wretched her hand away, and fell to the hard wooden deck, staring into the mouth of the fish, hoping to catch a glimpse of a runaway boy.


Ok, so it’s two words over. Sue me. A little flash for this week’s Visual Dare.

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