Visual Dare #22 :: scattered

Lauren eased herself from the crowd, and flopped onto the sofa, kicking her shoes off and adding them to the growing pile next to the table in front of her. Three hours of dancing in high heels had wrecked havoc on her feet, and as much as she was having fun, she needed a break. The table was covered with half-full glasses, abandoned long before, the melting ice mingling with the remnants of the colourful concoctions. Lauren didn’t even bother trying to remember which was hers. Just a moment, she thought to herself, and I’ll go buy a drink. She tipped her head back against the sofa and closed her eyes briefly, trying to drag up some energy to move, and then she felt the cushion next to her sink as someone sat down. She opened her eyes to see Paul sitting there, holding out a glass. “Want some water?”


Linking up for Visual Dare – again almost a week late! I know I haven’t referenced the prompt image very precisely, but the idea of scattered shoes tied perfectly with a scene I’ve been working on lately, so I took some artistic license. For more on Lauren and Paul’s story, click here.

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