Visual Dare 64 :: Awash

Visual Dare 64 :: Awash

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He hadn’t realised quite how long he’d been sitting there, twirling the bar mat, until a voice at his elbow pulled him from his thoughts.

“You could nearly sail a boat in that.” Paul looked up, to see Rob holding two beers and nodding at the puddle that had formed on the table in front of him, condensation running down the glass as the ice melted in the now empty glass.

Paul rolled his eyes, reaching out for the nearest glass, and downing half of it in one go, before reaching for a napkin and starting to fold, only half paying attention to his friends conversation swirling around him as he watched the boat tentatively float across the table. The distraction worked; for ten minutes, at least, he hadn’t felt the urge to check his phone and see if she’d called to say she’d forgiven him.


Getting back into some flash fiction writing, and oh boy am I rusty! I think I need to challenge myself to complete some prompts more regularly – and especially get back into Lauren & Paul’s story and just get the darn thing done! They are clamouring for attention, if only I could find the time to make it happen. This little snippet comes courtesy of VisDare #64 which I am super late on, but couldn’t go past the chance to share a long overdue update.


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