One eye opened tentatively, and snapped shut. Hangover from hell. After almost a full year at uni, a hangover was a not-unknown occurrence in Gemma’s life, but she struggled to remember one this bad. In fact, she struggled to remember how it actually got this bad. What on earth happened last night? Slowly, little snippets came back. Law students ball. Dancing. Eating. Far far too much drinking. Gemma rolled over, but her groan of self pity was abruptly replaced with a squeal of shock as the foot she’d been stretching made contact with a leg, that wasn’t hers. Oh hell. Tipping her head in the general direction of the body sharing her bed, trying to make as little movement as possible, she forced her eyes opened, anxious at what, or more correctly, who, she might find. Relief coursed through her as she realised the head on the pillow next to hers was Lauren. Thank goodness. Things must have been bad if Lauren had stayed around to play nurse. Lauren was already stirring, and then a beep came from somewhere under the blankets, and suddenly she was sitting up, and scrambling for the phone. The speed of her movement made Gemma feel ill again. And why the hell did Lauren has her phone turned up so freaking loud? The groan returned.


Joining in the fun for #WIPflash. A flash fiction excerpt challenge, to write 100-500 words on a current WIP, using one or more of the prompts provide. I incorporated the prompt “hangover” into this little 220 word addition to one of the earlier scenes of the Lauren & Paul story. If you are interested in how it fits with the whole story, I’ve added it to the story page.

Updated Monday 7/1results are in – check it out!! Beyond stoked to be one of three honourable mentions. Quite chuffed, really.

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