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…100 days 2020…

…100 days 2020…

Today marks the start of the 2020 100 Days Project. To be honest, I was considering giving it a miss this year. It just felt like one more thing, and I wasn’t really grabbed by any particular idea for WHAT the project might look like for me. That thought process, however, was in the Before.

It’s no longer the Before. Everything is topsy turvy, though my routine, in theory shouldn’t change much – we are already homeschooling, after all, and used to being at home in our own company a lot of the time. But out there, the world at large is unsettled and uncertain and uncomfortable, and by extension, so am I. The idea of being isolated at home held so much promise, and then reality hit along with school break off the back of an excursion, and my Big Plans went down the drain. I got distracted with new projects, and my to-do list isn’t shifting a whole lot. It was during a period of self-flagellation about how very little I getting done while scrolling Instagram (and yes, I was very aware of the irony of scrolling mindlessly while being annoyed I wasn’t getting anything done), that the 100 Day Project came back onto my radar, and I decided to take the plunge.

My chosen project? At least one row of crochet a day. I’m sure there will days I do multiple rows, and days where it’s a struggle to do even one single row. But as long as that first row of the day is done, I will call it a success. 100 rows will see my rainbow wave completed, and my sampler very close, if not finished also. That alone is encouragement to stick with it. The wave is 320 stitches across and can take half an hour to work one row, and some days it can be hard to muster up that kind of energy once the kids are in bed. I’ve tried to harness the lessons from my 365 project last year, and hope that keeping it simple will make it easier to stick it out on those days I just don’t feel like it, because with 100 days ahead of me, they are sure to come, and probably sooner rather than later while I work to establish the habit.

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