A finish and a fail for Friday.

So, that cowl, hey? The one I’ve been working on for ages. That I frogged at least twice. That I was mega excited about?

It doesn’t fit. Wonderful. It does, however, look fabulous on my 2 year old.


It’s just the right pink for her colouring, and it fits. I think it was a combination of some dodgy tension, possibly the yarn being a bit slender, and mainly the fact that it seems my version of “cast off loosely” is still far too tight. I stretched it as far as I could when blocking, but there is a limit to how far yarn will stretch! It’s now part of Butterfly’s wardrobe, and I think she looks absolutely adorable in it!


We had some fun playing around with the camera for these photos this morning, soaking up the sun that is laden with the promise of spring, complete with Boy2 acting the clown camera right, and the canine deciding directly under my feet would be a perfect place to have a snooze. Our little diva is now in bed, tuckered out after her modelling efforts. Boy2 is pottering in the toyroom. Lunch is calling me, as is the day bed and some stitching. A few boring jobs to do so we can rock the weekend. Just the usual Friday fun around here.

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