a little bit lacy

There’s nothing quite like a finished project to boost one’s crafty spirits. It feels like I’ve achieved very little lately aside from fattening up the Beetle baby (the cheeks on this child are all kinds of delightful), so it’s nice to see my slow plodding at nighttime actually getting somewhere.

Queen Anne's Lace crocheted scarf

This is the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf I blogged about last week. In the end, it came together quite quickly, and I’m very pleased with the results. I’m going to block it hopefully over the weekend, after seeing a blocked vs unblocked comparison on the same pattern in this post – I love how the pattern really opens up once it’s blocked.

It’s Friday! This excites me no end. We’ve had a day of birthday parties and play dough and drawing and singing. I’m ever so glad that for the next two days I have an extra pair of hands in the kid-wrangling department – I have big plans for this weekend that include finally winning the battle of the messy studio, and upcycling a shirt. I’m hoping to catch up a bit more on Project life and get this week’s layout done. And I definitely plan on snuggling my babies and pushing swings and reading in the sun and making the most of every moment. Everything else can wait. Including the messy studio.

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