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blogtober day 13 // if they say jump

blogtober day 13 // if they say jump

“If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” It’s such a classic mum line, isn’t it? We’ve all heard it from our own parents. Those of us in the trenches of teen parenting have likely said it a time or two. I know I have, even as I side-eye enablers one and two, and think to myself, “yeah, probably would actually?”. Never mind teenagers succumbing to peer pressure, forty-year-old me only needs to hear the words “hey we should…” and I’m over that cliff like the self-control-impaired lemming that I am.

90% of my crochet projects, as a conservative estimate, wouldn’t exist if I took a minute to remember my mum’s advice. I am a sucker for a group project, even if I end up being the only one that finishes it (like in the case of the rainbow wave. And the waffle blanket). Somehow, I’ve managed to find myself suckered in once again, and find myself starting a crochet blanket as the weather warms up and we start sliding into summer. Not what one would consider “crochet weather”, traditionally, yet here I am.

It started as a casual “I have an itch” conversation. Which led to Pinterest. Which led to stashes. Which led to pattern downloads and discussions of UK vs US terms. And then, in our best form, there it languished. One was being worked in an ombre cake which was rather tricky. One got forgotten. One got packed up and shuffled around in the move.

But as we settle into the new house, I find myself reaching for it more often. The vibe at the minute is reminiscent of those early days of pandemic life, when the shift was starting and I would crochet each night listening to an audiobook. I love having space to spread out now, once everyone is in bed, and the couch is mine. It’s been a lot, the last few weeks, so I do confess I tend to throw on some streaming shows I can zone out to, rather than an audiobook, but it’s still enough to engage the visual and auditory parts of my brain enough to prioritise the tactile parts.

It’s slow going, but I am aiming to get a round a night added. At this stage, it doesn’t take long to whip around, which is part of the appeal of mandala blankets. The early stages give me dopamine hits quickly enough I can build the habit so once the sides are long and boring, I’m committed and willing to see it through.

I’m three colours in at the minute; can I make it to the end of colour six by the end of the weekend?

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