blogtober day 18 // WIP Wednesday

blogtober day 18 // WIP Wednesday

Back in the early days of the world shutting down and everything changing, I was at a loose end. We were locked down, in our cabin, so kid activities were non-existent, and housework not far behind it. My evenings were much more my own than they ever were in town. And so, I found myself convinced against my better judgement, to join the 100 Days Project.

Just like the plague changed the world, so did my plague project change me. I became a Finisher Of Things. In amongst the TWO finished blankets, I also started a third – a mandala blanket, my first in this style. It came together so quickly, and was great for establishing momentum.

It strikes me as rather serendipitous, that just as I’m writing about how this new house settling in period feels almost-but-not-quite like then, that I am once again finding myself getting stuck into a mandala blanket.

Like then, I’m spending lots of time at home. Unlike then, I have plenty to fill my days, but I’ve hit the procrastination stage. Like then, I’m seeking connection with my far-flung friends – it should be camp this weekend, but once again, it’s not happening. And so here I am, elbow deep in a new blanket.

For something that started as a group project, it’s kind of taken a life of its own. Thanks to chill evenings and school table crafting, I’m starting to make some solid progress, even in amongst all the rounds that require more brain power than I generally have after dark.

I’m currently working on round nineteen, with colour 8 out of 10, and completely in love with how it’s looking so far. I’m hoping by the end of the week to have the first repeat of colours done and the first colour of the second repeat to see the full colour range in action.

What are you working on this WIP Wednesday?

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      I had to go into town dress shopping today…. It exhausted me. Too much peopling and trying on clothes that looked awful. A little of my very long in the tooth EPP project – Prudence in Tula.

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        Oh man I’m hearing you – today was our fifth trip to the big smoke (1.5hrs one way) in a fortnight. Thankfully Mr Barefoot took today’s stint for me!! It’s exhausting, isn’t it? That sucks that the clothes were being mean to you! Enjoy your EPP, sounds like you’ve earned the downtime!

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